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Antonio Turiel

Traducción: Global energy crisis and how (not) to solve it

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Petrocalipsis (Petrocalypse) is an analysis of the possible alternatives to our current energy system. As a necessary reaction to the over-confidence which dominates the headlines about energy, the book considers concisely and starkly why each one of the false solutions which have been discussed over the last two decades are not working and will not work. There are no simple solutions or shortcuts to the dilemma posed by the Energy Transition, which is doubly necessary not only due to the environmental impact of fossil fuels, but also due to a factor which is often ignored: their imminent shortage. Facing the blind faith in technology which the political and economic leaders profess, Turiel explains to us, with hair-raising clarity, that nothing which is being proposed is possible, that all sources have their limitations and that nothing will prevent the fact that in the coming decades we will be following a path of energy decline that nobody wants to talk about. If we want to avoid the worst-case scenario, the “petrocalypse”, there is no other way than to understand real situation and to act accordingly.


Key facts:

  • The author debunks the myths that are told to us about how technology will be able to provide new effective and economic energy sources which will successfully replace fossil fuels.


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